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Gas station’ data management on computers.

The industrial LPG, CNG system is installed at the “site” – the customer’s factory by main equipments including:

– Tanks with capacity from 5, 10 to 50 tons depending on the factory’s production.
– Vaporizers include: electric, natural, gas.
– A system of pressure regulator valves, safety valves, warning devices to the electrical cabinet.
– The pipeline in the station and the pipe to the burner inside the plant.


DATA Energy - Lắp đặt hệ thống LPG công nghiệp - Seagull

A LPG Station In The Factory

Regulations of the gas industry do not require technical staff to be present 24 hours a day or throughout the time the gas system is operating for the production process, but this is a complex gas storage system and needs to be ensured safe guarantee.
DATA Energy is a unit that designs and constructs industrial LPG, CNG, and LNG systems that apply IoT technology to improve management and ensure safety for remote systems.
DATA uses software that comes pre-installed with equipment at gas stations. Equipment and system signals and data will be managed and monitored using DATA Energy software.
What signals does DATA monitor?

  1. Gas leak signal
    This is the most important and dangerous signal at the gas station. When there is any gas leak or liquid spill, the alarm device will sound continuously at the station and send a signal to the software.
    DATA Energy immediately contacted the plant’s technical staff for on-site inspection and handling instructions. After that, DTE technical staff will move to the factory to check the problem according to the procedure.
  2. Liquid level, temperature and pressure of gas tank
    DATA Energy monitors liquid levels and promptly informs customers when to pump gas next time to ensure gas flow is always sufficient for the plant’s production process to be continuous.
    Ambient temperature can increase the internal gas temperature and pressure, the upper safety valve will automatically release air to balance the internal pressure, resulting in loss of air use.
  3. Operation signal, temperature of vaporizer
    Overheated vaporizers will vaporize faster than the machine capacity. On the contrary, if the vaporizer is not heated enough, it will cause the system to freeze, the amount of steam is insufficient or stop working, directly affecting the production machine inside the factory.
  4. Other signals

Gas iot control data from anywhere

DATA Group install gas station with IOT controlling

In addition, the software also monitors the operation signal of the valve and meter devices in the system.
By applying information technology, the gas station will always ensure:
– Remotely monitored on multiple mobile devices by both client and DATA.
– Timely detection and handling of gas station problems.
– Extract data from the system.