Data Group

Statement of Q-HSE

Data Group

These Policies are our highest commitments, consistency given by our Board of Directors and all
our employees in connection with Quality, Health, Environment and Corporate Social

Abt Health-Safety-Environment

We recognize that risk can happen anywhere. Therefore, it is our responsibility to identify and correct any erroneous actions that may pose a risk to the Quality of Products and Services.
We will periodically review the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment goals to ensure they are consistent with the Q-HSE policy and for further improvement.
We also always comply with applicable Laws and industry standards, programs and regulations.
DATA Group clean the invironment


Periodic health check, does not compromise the health of employees with the profit of the business.
We consider this a requirement to ensure full compliance.


Comply with occupational safety regulations, encourage employees to detect and warn of hazards during work. Occupational safety is not only for internal employees but also for customers, partners and people around.


Environmental protection is the mission of every DATA employee. We always aim to build a green, clean and safe environment in the company's orientation.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

DATA Group implements a policy of mutual RESPECT

We respect differences and non-discriminations, enhance the competitiveness of our employees with long-term strategies, and ensure the highest level of connectivity based on mutual respect and shared values.
Small actions, big hearts: We contribute to the development of the local communities where we work and build projects.