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Concrete woven panels can be used for all forms of cattle and poultry houses according to modern self-escape tunnel technology.

Concrete woven panels for barn floor are manufactured by modern vibrating pressing technology. With reinforced concrete structure and 12 openings to help clean the cage effectively, keep the barn dry and prevent diseases for livestock.

tam dan be tong chuong heo


* Structure of concrete woven barn panels:

DATA - Production of specialized concrete panels-01


– Regular size: 1200x2400x90 mm

– 12 rounded slots, each slot 20mm wide

– Load bearing: 4000 Kg/cm2

– Core: 2 layers of D10 steel

* Production process of concrete barn panels

DATA - Production process of specialized concrete panels-02

* Acceptance standards for woven panels

  1. Acceptance standards by naked eye:

– Surface of shack, no air bubbles, no honeycomb holes.

– Edges and slots are not sharp.

– The side of the shed component does not differ from the adjacent panel.

2. Acceptance standards using measuring tape

Length -6mm ÷ ± 3mm
Wide -3mm ÷ ± 1.5mm
Thin ± 3mm
Slit Wide ± 1mm

The application of concrete woven sheets in the industrial pig industry is very popular, DATA has supplied to Japfa, Baf, Vina farms nationwide.