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As a value and tradition of continuous learning and development of DATA Group, on June 24, DATA Group organized a sharing program called: “3 golden keys for effective communication”. Trang Tran’s sharing session focused on 3 main ideas, including:

  1. In-depth DISC, distinguishing 4 personality groups, then how to reconcile with colleagues, partners and superiors in the process of communication, negotiation and debate.
  2. Win-win thinking – The third habit of the book “7 habits to work effectively”, we need to focus on the common goal of the Company and the team instead of getting into each other’s arguments and emotions.
  3. Understand to be understood – Habit 4, are we standing in each other’s position to listen to each other?

Even though the sharing session was just over 3 hours, the DATAers partly understood and reminded each other that:

  • What is our common goal?
  • Boss is for love
  • Listen to yourself what you want

Along with the “Oh”, “ah”, “Yes Yes” that Ms. Trang brought to the program gently and deeply.

We hope that DATAers will always make efforts every day to develop further and DATA Group will organize many sharing sessions for the Company’s employees.