Closing an unforgettable tumultuous year 2021. A year is too long when it seems that every challenge and difficulty can easily drown all dreams and hopes. However, the more difficulties we face, the more we need to try and make more efforts, like how we together “Carry” through a safe 2021.

Withthe criterion: Surprise – Breakthrough – Sustainability, the last Year End Party program was a milestone marking the breakthrough of the company’s lineup when overcoming unexpected challenges together, helping to unite the spirit of teamwork.

Looking back on the efforts of the whole team in the past 1 challenging year, DATA Group would like to send our most sincere thanks to the staff who have always worked together and devoted themselves to the collective effort. company overcome this challenging race. Although there is still a long way ahead, difficulties cannot be avoided, but with the spirit and unyielding will of the team, DATA Group believes that they will overcome all.