Nam Dinh

Ninh Cuong clean water plant was started at the end of 2015, by 2017, the plant had only completed a few basic items and was suspended indefinitely due to difficulties in old technology and finance.
In April 2022, DATA became the new owner, bringing Cerafiltec clean water treatment technology to the people of Ninh Cuong.
Initially, the technical team focused on pipelines to the roads of wards, hamlets and each household. By August, the technology cluster was imported from Germany to Vietnam and installed at the factory. It is expected that clean water will be provided to people in the fourth quarter of 2022.
Standing on the role of building clean water supply projects as well as social security works is both the motivation and the spirit that DATA wants to build and pursue. DATA wishes to be able to expand the water supply area to people in districts, neighboring areas as well as remote areas, bringing clean water to more people in the near future.

More information by this video.