Long An Province

NamSung Aluminum Factory was built and put into operation in 2014 in Long An province. In this cooperation with the plant, DATA Energy is responsible for:

  1. Invest, design and install CNG system with a capacity of 1000 Sm3/h including:
  • PRU 1000 Sm3/h pressure reducing system.
  • Accompanying systems such as: Boiler and heater, electrical control system, lighting and operating electricity, metering system, charging cylinder system.
  • Grounding system, fire protection, CNG station operation room.
  • Pipeline system and metering cluster separately for each factory.

      2. DATA provides CNG for the factory’s production process with the capacity ~ 200,000 sm3/month.

After nearly 3 months of implementation and construction on schedule, on October 9, 2022, we carried out the first gas filling for the plant, officially putting the system into operation, supplying gas. For the whole factory, serving for the molding, heating, firing, extrusion,… aluminum.

The system has been tested for pressure and safety before being put into use. DATA Energy have a technical team to operated the system 24/7 that help the smooth operation of the plant as well as safety compliance with the regulations of the Vietnamese gas industry. The CNG station is also checked and maintained by DATA Energy quarterly by a technical team with many years of experience.