HCM City

Logistics Canada warehouse is located at Le Minh Xuan Expanded Industrial Park, Binh Chanh District, City. HCM. This is branch 02 of the chain of warehouses for rent ECPVN.

datagroup - Logistics Canada warehouse

Investor: Emergent VN Logistics Development PTE

General Contractor: Toda Vietnam Co., Ltd

ECPVN logistics warehouse includes:
– Warehouses I, II and III
– Additional items such as: water tank, guard house, garbage house, gate, fence,…

Total project construction area: More than 73,031.50 m2

Currently, DATA Cons is implementing 80% of the construction of warehouses II, III and the finishing part. It is expected that in August 2023, the ECPVN logistics warehouse project will be accepted, handed over and put into operation.