Bac Giang Province

Foxconn (Hong Hai Precision Technology Corporation) is one of the prominent domestic enterprises specializing in the manufacturing of electronic components and computers. In this collaboration, DATA Energy will participate in installing an industrial LPG system for Foxconn’s Bac Giang branch located in Quang Chau Industrial Zone.

The LPG system installed by DATA Energy at the Foxconn factory includes:

  • One 15-ton LPG tank, two electric vaporizers with a capacity of 200kg/h.
  • Technological equipment for LPG input from the pump to the tank.
  • Technological equipment and pipelines from the 15-ton LPG tank to the stretching machine and boiler at the factory.
  • Equipment and pipelines for the water cooling system of the tank.
  • Electrical system for the vaporizer, control system for the LPG station equipment.

DATA Energy has also equipped the factory with cooling, safety, and fire prevention systems in accordance with the approved fire prevention and fighting regulations of the petroleum industry. The LPG system is expected to undergo inspection and approval to meet fire safety standards before being put into operation in February 2024.