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With two main goals: Health training and connection of office – construction staff, the DATA HEALTH WEEK 2023 is officially organized with 6 subjects and team competition format.

With a flexible 24-hour competition time, the staff at the construction site responded to this event in a very special ways such as:

  • Keeping progresses faster than jogging
  • Jumping rope under canteen.
  • Shuttlecock kicking in the factory
  • Squat according to Personal Trainer Online
  • Plank in the container
  • Push up with all our life

Hoi Khoe DATA group

Morever, it is the unity of the office and construction staff.  “If you do your best, I do my best”. The geographical distance is not a problem, trying to complete the team goal, to bring victory.

And after more than a week of competition, the competition officially ended with the final results: Two teams tied for first place were team 2 and team 4. Congratulations to the champions of this year’s competition.


DATA Group - hoi thao 2023 EN

And also congratulations to the individuals who set records and enrolled in the following sports:

  1. Push-ups: 75 sets – Anh Thang, 20 sets – Ms. Tran
  2. Plank: 5 minutes 6 seconds – Anh Thang, 4 minutes 12 seconds – Ms. Oanh
  3. Jump rope: 580 pieces – Hero, 437 pieces – Sister Oanh
  4. Squat: 142 reps – Anh Tuan, 126 reps – Ms. Thanh Thanh
  5. Women’s marathon: 35km/day – Ms. Trinh
  6. Men’s marathon running: 26 km/day – Anh Nhat
  7. Shuttlecock: 187 pieces – Anh Kha, 24 pieces – Ms. Trinh

The impressive numbers partly demonstrate the heat of the DATA Health Week 2023 as well as the efforts of the participating members.

Besides, there are interesting and humorous moments of the Activity in this VIDEO!